About Digital Pedigree

Digital Pedigree is a boutique consulting agency

We’re dedicated to helping brands evolve their e-commerce marketing and retail operations for Amazon.

Digital Pedigree is led by Jason Ross, a genuine and direct business person with a strong orientation towards teaching and continuous learning. Our goal is to unlock your digital potential and equip you with the right e-commerce skills and mindset.

Meet Our Founder, Jason Ross

A trusted advisor and veteran in the e-commerce realm

Jason Ross brings to Digital Pedigree a unique blend of technical acumen, strategic vision, and a history of creating success stories in the digital world. As the founder and CEO, Jason’s journey through the halls of tech giants such as Amazon, Microsoft, and Getty Images, is a testament to his profound understanding of the intricate dynamics of the e-commerce landscape.

Jason’s tenure at Amazon was particularly defining. As a Vendor Manager, he took the helm of Amazon’s PC Store, expertly steering vendor-facing operations, harmonizing with cross-site support teams, and demonstrating a knack for sales and profitability. He lived and breathed the e-commerce behemoth’s philosophy, gaining invaluable insights that he now imparts to Digital Pedigree’s clients.

Later at Microsoft, he took on the devices & accessories category for Microsoftstore.com. Jason’s leadership was instrumental in sparking profitable growth through strategic inventory management, targeted marketing, and innovative merchandising. He became known for his ability to unlock potential and drive growth, skills that continue to benefit our clients today.

Before founding Digital Pedigree, Jason cemented his reputation as a transformative leader at Getty Images. There, he pioneered a complete overhaul of the company’s e-commerce tools, strategy, and execution. His contributions included the rollout of a global CMS, development of customer segmentation and lifecycle strategies, and establishment of an A/B testing program. This makeover underscored Jason’s knack for turning vision into reality.

Today, at Digital Pedigree, Jason’s wealth of experience helps brands evolve their e-commerce operations, from retail and advertising to product and content development. Jason’s holistic, customer-centric approach ensures clients adopt the right combination of process, knowledge, and know-how to become long-term digital winners.

We Start Where You Are

The path to e-commerce success can be challenging, but at Digital Pedigree, we believe in starting where you are. We understand the rapid pace of e-commerce can be unsettling and appreciate the feeling of not knowing what to do next. That’s why we’ve developed our unique Start Where You Are Assessment™, a cornerstone of our Digital Pedigree e-commerce coaching framework.

This three-step process helps us understand your current perspective and long-term vision, design a strategy addressing your business’s unique needs, and transform your business practices by implementing your new mechanisms and measuring your impact.

Unlock Your Potential with Digital Pedigree

Whether you’re grappling with slow or negative growth, being outpaced by competitors, or losing customers and sales, we’re here to help. Our commitment is to build your skills and mindset to handle ambiguity and navigate the complex landscape of Amazon e-commerce.

Serious about strengthening your e-commerce skills and mindset

schedule an informational meeting with us. It’s time to stop feeling anxious, start where you are, and unlock your digital potential with Digital Pedigree.