How to Create Superior Amazon Product Photography

Your Amazon product is the embodiment of your hard work, creativity, and passion. But it’s not just the quality of the product that matters; it’s also about how effectively you present it to the potential buyers. With cutthroat competition on the Amazon marketplace, product photography is not a corner you can afford to cut.

In essence, high-quality product photography can not only elevate your brand image but can significantly boost your conversion rates. Let’s delve into the critical facets of Amazon product photography, essential must-haves, and the process of hiring a professional photographer.

Breathe Life Into Your Product with Exceptional Photography

Even with an outstanding product, lackluster product photography can hurt your sales. Remember, buyers online are unable to touch or physically see the product, and therefore, the images become their only touchpoint to evaluate the product.

Why Superior Amazon Product Photography Matters

  1. Transparency: As customers can’t inspect the product in person, it is crucial to present every angle of the product through high-quality images, allowing the customer to know exactly what they are getting.
  2. Originality: A compelling and high-quality main image can captivate potential buyers and pull them into your product detail page.
  3. Trust: High-quality images build trust in your brand. Conversely, low-quality images can negatively affect the perception of your product.
  4. First Impressions: More often than not, customers look at product images before reading the product description. Make sure your images make a strong impact on the customer’s buying decision.
  5. Brand Identity: Unique and engaging product photography helps distinguish your brand on Amazon. Avoid using generic images from your supplier.
  6. Conversion Rate: Having multiple images and infographics can significantly enhance your conversion rate, leading to increased sales.
  7. Functionality: Lifestyle images showcasing the product in use can provide a visual demonstration of how the product works for your target audience.

Superior product photography is what will ultimately sell your product. If you settle for poor-quality images, you might end up losing potential customers to competitors.

Decoding Amazon Photography Guidelines: Optimizing Your Product Images for Higher Conversions

Understanding why product photography is important is just half the battle won. It’s also vital to know how to optimize your Amazon product photography for higher conversions.

Enlighten Your Product with Proper Lighting

Before photographing your product, ensure proper lighting to make your product look as natural as possible. A cost-effective way to achieve this is to purchase a budget-friendly ring light for photography from Amazon, which usually comes with multiple lights for varied angles and a lightbox for a pure white background.

No Compromise on Resolution

Blurry, low-quality photos are a strict no. Amazon’s photography requirements mandate images to be at least 1,600 pixels or larger on the longest side for the best resolution. So, always ensure that your images are high-quality and high-resolution.

Occupy at least 85% of the Frame with Your Product

To avoid your product looking out of place or small within the photo, ensure it takes up at least 85% of the image frame. This guideline applies to all of your images and not just the main image.

Photograph Multiple Angles of Your Product

Given that the customer cannot physically inspect your product, it is crucial to showcase every inch of your product in the images. Hence, take multiple photos of your product from different angles.

Embrace “Lifestyle Images”

In addition to the regular product shots, lifestyle images can significantly enhance the product appeal by showing it in its natural environment or in use. These images allow the customer to visualize themselves or their loved ones using the product.

Unlocking Success with Amazon Product Photography Essentials

Successful Amazon product photography is a combination of several elements. Let’s delve into some must-haves to ensure your images stand out from the crowd and entice potential customers.

1. Craft a “Scroll-Stopping” Main Image

Your main image is the first visual introduction to your product when potential customers are scrolling through Amazon search results. It’s essential that your main image stands out with its brightness, quality, and an attractive angle. Research your competitors’ main images and see how you can make yours more appealing while adhering to Amazon’s product image requirements.

2. Leverage Infographics

While the main image needs to be on a white background, for other images, you are free to add text, graphics, and unique backgrounds. Infographics are an effective way to highlight specific features and benefits of your product within the image itself.

3. Maximize Image Count

Amazon allows up to seven images for a product, so don’t miss out on this opportunity to show different angles, infographics, and lifestyle images of your product.

4. Include Instructional Images

If your product requires assembly or installation, including images demonstrating the process can instill confidence in potential buyers.

5. Use Comparison Charts

In a competitive marketplace like Amazon, a comparison chart can highlight the unique features of your product that competitors’ products lack. It’s a smart way to show your potential customers why your product is a better choice.

Entrust Your Product Photography to a Professional

Unless you’re a professional photographer, it’s advisable to hire an expert to handle your product photography. This decision can significantly influence the perception of your product on Amazon.

Professional product photography might cost around $200-$300, depending on the number of photos you need, but it’s a worthwhile investment given the impact on your product’s success.

How to Find a Professional Product Photographer

There are multiple avenues to find a professional photographer for your Amazon products. These include local photographers, Google searches for “Amazon product photography service”, or freelancer marketplaces like Fiverr or

With the right combination of high-quality product and superior product photography, your Amazon listing can indeed reach the pinnacle of success.


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